While many ideas have been proposed, there is no single solution to protecting New York City from the next Superstorm Sandy. A multi-pronged approach to stabilizing current infrastructure and building new defenses is currently in the works. Here's a quick look at the status of some of the ongoing projects and proposals.

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The Big U

Status: In Progress / Planning
Type: Barrier
Estimated Cost: $1.086 billion
Agency: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, New York state, New York City

New York Harbor storm barrier

New York Harbor Storm Barrier

Status: Feasibility Study (Army Corps of Engineers)
Type: Barrier
Est. Cost: $12 billion to $25 billion
Agency: TBD

Rockaway Boardwalk

Rockaway Boardwalk

Status: Complete
Type: Barrier
Cost: $341 million
Agency: New York City

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Beach restoration and protection

Beach Restoration

Status: Complete/In Progress
Type: Natural Barrier (Dunes, sand and groins)
Estimated Cost: $3 billion
Agency: Army Corps of Engineers, New York State, Local Partners (lots of locations along the southern side of Long Island from the Rockaways to Montauk)

Flood-proofing Con Edison’s infrastructure

Flood proofing Con Edison

Status: Complete
Type: Flood-proofing
Est. Cost: $1 billion
Agency: Con Edison

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly the stated the amount it took to complete the Rockaway Boardwalk.