New York state is home to more than 50,000 active duty military personnel, reserve forces, or civilians serving in the military. It’s also estimated that roughly 892,000 veterans live in the state. If you factor in the families of all the people who have served or are serving, you get an overwhelming number of New Yorkers whose lives have been impacted by the military.

Last year, we made the decision that the best way for us to honor those who have served our country was to spotlight the men and women who are still serving, in a new role, as public servants, as leaders in New York’s business community, or through charitable work at nonprofits.

We felt last year was a success, so this year, we are once again informing our audience of the remarkable backgrounds of 10 extraordinary people whom they may have crossed paths with working in politics and government. We encourage you to read the profiles, and thank all who have served our country for their sacrifice.

- Michael Gareth Johnson, City & State NY editorial director