Albany State House

In case you somehow overlooked the billions of dollars in infrastructure projects that Gov. Andrew Cuomo featured in his latest State of the State address, his administration has helpfully branded his 2016 agenda with the tagline “Built to Lead.”

But many observers wonder how many of the proposed projects in his ambitious agenda will actually get built. And as lawmakers debate the governor’s plan and respond with proposals of their own, nobody knows for sure where this legislative session will lead.

To help guide you in the coming weeks and months in Albany, City & State presents its latest state legislative preview.

What could be the impact of the governor embracing a $15 minimum wage as one of his top goals this year? As the debate over Common Core and teacher evaluations dies down, what will be the big education battles this time around? And in the wake of the convictions of two state legislative leaders, how strong is the appetite for a new round of ethics reforms?

For answers to those questions, along with looks at the proposed policy changes on energy, health care, transportation and more, just follow our lead.