DASNY recently issued a $350 million bond for the state Office of Mental Health's Bronx Behavioral Health Facility. (DASNY)

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, or DASNY, as it’s widely referred to, does indeed build dormitories.

But it does so much more than that.

Established more than 70 years ago, when the state was scrambling to meet growing demand for higher education spurred by the G.I. Bill, DASNY over time has expanded its scope and financed hundreds of government infrastructure projects.

While its activities and inner workings remain largely unknown to the population at large, it plays a critical role in the financing of everything from college and university buildings to hospitals to government offices. In a sign of how useful the authority is to the governor and his administration, the state this year created a new body within DASNY to oversee major infrastructure projects across the state.

In City & State’s insider’s guide to DASNY, we provide readers with insights from its president, a snapshot of the authority’s key statistics, a rundown of its top staffers and an analysis of its budget.