It’s that time again. For many in politics and government, the end of the summer signals the beginning of election season. But for others, especially the thousands of teachers, administrators and other academic staffers all across the state, the change in the weather means it’s time to get back into the classroom.

Of course, some of them haven’t had much of a vacation. New York’s review of its controversial Common Core standards geared up this summer, keeping state and local officials busy and giving extra homework to dozens of parents and teachers who served on review committees assessing the standards.

The Common Core isn’t going to change overnight, either, which means a lot more long study sessions to look forward to in the months ahead.

In City & State’s special Back to School issue, we explore how much those standards might actually change, dig into state funding for charter schools, and offer some tips on how to keep your kids healthy at school.

So grab your packed lunch, tie your boots up tight, and catch that school bus!