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A day after she went on national television to announce she was running for president, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made her first campaign stop outside an upstate New York diner, focusing her remarks on what she called President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric.
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After once opposing it when she was a congresswoman, Gillibrand, on her first day as a Democratic presidential candidate, said she now supports granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the current funding formula for education “a scam” as he pushes for targeted funding increases for poorer schools to ensure that districts are equitably distributing their funds.
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Cuomo is so serious about wanting to “blow up” the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that he plans to hold $7.3 billion in already-promised MTA funding hostage until the state Legislature helps him achieve vague reforms.
Additionally, Cuomo’s budget proposal said that the MTA cannot use or spend the money, including a $1.4 billion appropriation for next year, unless lawmakers pass congestion pricing, reorganize the agency and approve a speed camera system.
Cuomo, one of the state’s most prodigious political fundraisers, is calling for lower caps on the amount of money candidates for office can raise, capped at $15,000 for statewide general elections, a decline from the current $44,000 general election limit.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went on ABC’s “The View” to tout his accomplishments – but instead got roasted by co-host Whoopi Goldberg over his love for bike lanes, as she cited them as a cause for worsening gridlock.
Former state Sen. David Valesky, who was a member of the Independent Democratic Conference, has been added to the payroll of the state Department of Agriculture and Markets and will act as a liaison to local governments, focusing on education and outreach.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exacted revenge against one of her most outspoken detractors, blocking Rep. Kathleen Rice from landing a seat on the high-profile Judiciary Committee after Rice voted against Pelosi for speaker.
The contractor hired by the Long Island Rail Road to address the homeless problem in and around its railroad stations has not been doing its job – including one instance of workers sitting in a parked car instead of canvassing for people in need of help.
U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, an outspoken advocate for women’s causes and electing more women to office, is herself entering the 2020 race for the White House, becoming the latest candidate to join what is expected to be a crowded Democratic primary.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed the details of his long-awaited proposal to legalize marijuana, which would restrict access to anyone under 21, automatically seal marijuana offenses and generate roughly $300 million in new tax revenues.
Cuomo called for boosting school funding by $1 billion in his executive budget and establishing a new formula that would require districts to send certain dollars to specific needy schools.
Assaulting on-the-job journalists would become a felony in New York state under a proposal put forth by Cuomo during his State of the State address, citing rising vitriol against the media from the White House.
Cuomo made brief mention of changing the state’s rent laws when they sunset in June, broadly aligning himself with a reform agenda being pushed by many Democratic officials and tenant advocacy groups.
Four members of Manhattan’s Community Education Council District 2, all of whom support reforming the high school admissions process, sponsored a resolution urging New York City to scrap its proposal aimed at making schools more diverse and retool it by May.
Nassau County GOP leaders and law enforcement unions called on County Executive Laura Curran to reconsider her decision to order U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to vacate a trailer at the county jail.
Melissa Mark-Viverito said she’d launch a Worst Workplaces for Women Watchlist if elected New York City public advocate, with criteria laid out in City Council legislation that would apply to both private and public workplaces.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that IDNYC cards now have a third option for gender denoted as “X,” and current cardholders can request a change at no additional charge.
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By repealing the statute that allows for last-minute evidence disclosure and passing legislation that would make access to this information automatic at or near the beginning of a criminal case, New York lawmakers could level the playing field for defendants.
When congestion pricing passes the state Legislature in the next few months, as it must, with the funds dedicated to mass transit, Cuomo will be the man who changed history and undid a dire mistake more than a century ago.
Cuomo offered something for everyone in his combined State of the State and budget address, leaving little clue about his real priorities as he singled out four “cost” issues, but also making sure to slam Trump and hit every progressive button.
Cuomo’s timetable presented in his State of the State and budget address is tight, but a lot can get done in that time, and there is plenty in his ambitious agenda – but some things should not be rushed, and the governor and lawmakers would be wise to understand that.
Cuomo is surely energized by having his political party in charge of Albany, and unless differences arise that divide his fellow Democrats, this is sure to be a historic session – and that, of course, can be good or bad.
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Following this week’s emergency MTA board meeting, it’s becoming ever clearer that a firm plan to avert an L train shutdown does not exist yet, so Gothamist put together some of the most pressing questions that are still outstanding.
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Disentangled from the politically turbocharged, high-volume rhetoric of his State of the State message, the first executive budget of Cuomo’s third term is largely a stay-the-course affair – for better and worse.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Donald Trump to postpone his State of the Union address – or deliver it in writing – citing security concerns related to the partial federal government shutdown.
Senators in both parties are racing to deliver a letter to Trump indicating that if the government reopens, they are willing to work on a border security package with the president.
The partial government shutdown is inflicting far greater damage on the United States economy than previously estimated, as President Donald Trump’s economists doubled projections of how much economic growth is being lost each week.
Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, was working through mystery intermediaries in January 2017 to get people appointed in Trump’s new administration, according to new court filings.