• The Politics of Food: Conference

    Presented by: City & State

     Nov 16, 2017

     New York, NY

Past Event Features

Date & Time
Thursday, November 16th
8:00am - 12:15pm

NY Institute of Technology
1871 Broadway
New York, NY 10023


Past Event Features

The 2017 Politics of Food conference will bring together over 250 top chefs, policy makers, innovators and leaders from diverse fields to uncover and assess the most important issues and trends affecting the nourishment of our New York.   This event presents an opportunity for government and food industry executives to tackle the most important policy, management and leadership issues affecting New York's food policy efforts and program. If you are in the food, restaurant or nutrition industry in New York this is a must-attend event.


8:00 am  Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:45 am  Keynote Remarks Commissioner Richard Ball, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

9:15 am   Future of food programs for NYC’s vulnerable communities

Experts discuss the benefits and challenges in addressing nutrition related issues to people with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. Food benefit programs such as SNAP (Food Stamps), WIC, and school food provide a safety net against poverty, allowing families to feed their children, obtain healthier food, afford housing, and prevent health problems but are they in jeopardy of survival under Trump’s administration?


  • Dan Rosenblum, Senior Reporter, New York Nonprofit Media (moderator)
  • Barbara Turk, Director of Food Policy, Office of the Mayor
  • Donna M. Corrado, Commissioner, NYC Department for the Aging
  • Margarette Purvis, President & CEO, Food Bank for NYC
  • Joel Berg, Executive Director, Hunger Free America


10:00 am   Legislating Nutrition and Sustainability

Can we legislate and tax our way to healthier, more sustainable lifestyles? Health experts debate if limiting portion sizes, more accurate labeling, providing nutrition information and taxing highly desirable ingredients such as sugar may prove effective for reducing calorie and sugar consumption. Furthermore, New York has been a leader in zero waste legislation.  What is on the horizon in this area?


  • Charles Platkin Executive Director, Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center (moderator)
  • Elizabeth Balkan, Director of Policy and Senior Advisor to the Commissioner, New York City Department of Sanitation
  • Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
  • Kim Kessler. Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control, New York City Department of Health.
  • Challey Comer, Senior Vice President, Capalino & Company


10:45 am   One on One with Ruth Reichl, American chef, food writer, co-producer of PBS's Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie and Colman Andrews, Editorial Director, The Daily Meal


11:05 am   Food Dialogue with Farmers and Consumers: Common values? Common ground?

Consumers want to know more about how and where their food is produced and want options about farming practices and technology that impact their food purchase.   Farmers want to serve customers with high quality, wholesome food products yet are confused  and sometimes confounded by increasing consumer demands on farming practices and technologies.  This dialogue will look for shared societal values and common ground on farming practices and technology.



  • Richard Ball, Commissioner, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, (moderator)
  • Jessica Ziehm, Dairy Farmer, Tiashoke Farm, Buskirk, NY
  • Jim Davenport, Dairy Farmer, Tollgate Holsteins, Acramdale, NY
  • John Mueller, Willow Bend Farm, Clifton Springs, NY
  • Jessica Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN 
  • Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN
  • Yolanda Gonzalez, Urban Agriculture Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Brooklyn, NY


12:00 pm Special Closing Keynote Address by Julia Turshen, writer and the author of Small Victories and Feed the Resistance

12:30 pm Conference Concludes

1:00 pm Special Screening of Documentary "Food Evolution"


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