Our CSR Partners hope to encourage more companies and organizations to commit to making a positive, beneficial impact on their customers, their suppliers, their employees and their families and communities.


  • LAK Public Relations, Inc. has built an outstanding reputation for combining innovative and effective strategies with successful execution to help our clients tell their stories and achieve their objectives. With an entrepreneurial approach that values high-level performance, creativity and accountability, we develop and implement compelling public relations campaigns that shape opinions and produce results. We have worked with major corporations to improve their market positions, increase their visibility, enhance their images and guide them through crises. We have helped companies establish credibility and build their brands. We have taken issues that lacked definition and projected them to national prominence. We have assisted non-profit organizations in building important alliances and support. And our work in special situations – mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, litigations, government investigations – has supported clients’ efforts to steer their organizations through highly complex and contentious issues.
  • For nearly two decades, we have been a leader in effecting government decision-making— every day advancing the interests of our clients with the unique speed and complexity, the energy and intelligence of New York. Our clients are leaders in real estate and financial services, not-for-profit educational and cultural institutions, health care and hospitality, media and entertainment—and nearly any other sector seeking support from the government, the community, the city, the state. Whether that means helping a client to win a $1 billion city procurement or plant a million trees, to secure capital funding or a liquor license, Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approval or a landmark public health initiative, we achieve results.