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Manhattan is an unrivaled hub of finance, business and culture – in New York, in the United States, in the world. But ask any Manhattan elected official to share their vision for the future of borough, and you’ll likely hear about the need to strike a better balance.

As one of the country’s most densely populated places, where skyscrapers shoot up one after another, many officials are emphasizing the need to preserve a human scale, from building more green spaces and pedestrian pathways to protecting historical landmarks, creating more affordable housing and investing in public transit.

In our latest installment of our Borough Series, we look at the costs and the benefits of Manhattan’s bold march into the future.

Manhattan Articles

  • Future Rendering of Hudson Yards

    Hudson Yards offers a glimpse into the future of New York City

    By John Surico

    “New York,” the British journalist Alistair Cooke once wrote, “is the biggest collection of villages in the world.” And, in many ways, the city’s history is a compilation of this local lore: overlapping stories of how a neighborhood transformed as a result of the people who walked its streets, collectively creating the city we know and love.

  • Image of the New School building

    Exploring 10 of Manhattan's most trendsetting structures

    By Jeff Coltin

    The Chrysler Building screams 1930s, the Seagram Building still lives in the 1950s and 1 Police Plaza is a creature of the 1970s. As we move into a new era, which Manhattan buildings will be carrying the flag of the 2010s?

  • Image of Harlem

    Nonprofits are finding it harder to afford a space in Harlem

    By Dan Rosenblum from New York Nonprofit Media

    For the past two years, Glenn Martin has run his Harlem-based organization, JustLeadershipUSA, from coffee shops or anywhere else he can find to get his work done. Since founding the group, which is dedicated to halving the number of Americans in prison by 2030, he has hired several former prisoners as part of his staff of 13.

  • Gale Brewer

    In Manhattan, pre-planning leads to smarter development

    By Gale Brewer

    The residential and commercial building boom we’ve seen in Manhattan shows no signs of letting up. But to build healthy neighborhoods, what we build matters. Building healthy, sustainable neighborhoods requires a process that puts what the community needs in the spotlight, and gets people talking to each other.

  • Image of NYC landmark area

    What's happening to the landmarks preservation commission?

    By Zack Winestein and Elaine Young

    The old New York is disappearing. Neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, some of our most distinctive buildings – witnesses to the long and remarkable history of this city – are being sacrificed to development. And as a result, the uniqueness of so many communities is being suffocated by scaffolding, franchises and impersonal modern construction.

  • Image of NYC post office

    Mailing it in: A Q&A with New York Postmaster Kevin Crocilla

    By City & State

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night could keep Kevin Crocilla from the James A. Farley Post Office Building – but the weather was pretty clear anyway. There, he was officially sworn in as New York postmaster.

  • Image of Central Park

    Electeds share their visions for Manhattan's future

    By City & State

    The first European settlers in the area settled in Lower Manhattan, and as the city has grown and expanded, the borough has maintained its role as the center of government, banking and trade. Today, its buildings are the tallest, its residents are the richest, its tourist destinations the most visited.