New York Republicanos are beginning to buzz with concern that President Donald Trump is going to mess up their plans for 2017 and 2018. A top GOP leader previously told B&B that the 2017 New York City mayoral campaign operation is expected to lay the groundwork for a 2018 gubernatorial ground operation.

With Trump threatening to cut off federal dinero to sanctuary cities, the New York GOP's effort to expand their voter base in the five boroughs will fail. The bochincheros are worried that whatever network and operational structure is left from the mayoral run will be diminished if Trump continues this kind of attack.

“Donald is going to screw up our plans to cut into Cuomo’s huge support downstate,” a Republican bochinchero exclaimed. Another bochinchero pointed to the reaction from Bill de Blasio and other Democrats as a clear mensaje of "how this could “f*** up our plan.”

We wonder what Ed Cox, the New York state chairman of the GOP, thinks about this?

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