The next speaker of the New York City Council will spend four years negotiating with Mayor Bill de Blasio over the budget, legislation, land use decisions and more.

Judging by the recent social media activity of the eight men vying for the post, City Councilman Corey Johnson is positioning himself as the candidate who would be the mayor’s closest ally.

Global Strategy Group's latest analysis of the council speaker candidates' Twitter trends shows Johnson once again offered the most praise for the mayor. The candidate had several positive tweets about de Blasio during the two-week period from Nov. 10 to Nov. 23, including retweets of a photo of him standing alongside the mayor at a rally outside Trump Tower.

And it’s no fluke. Johnson had more good things to say about the mayor on Twitter than any of his rivals in two of the other four previous two-week periods analyzed by Global Strategy Group as well. 

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The analysis also showed that City Councilman Mark Levine had the most retweeted tweet and added the most followers, while City Councilman Jumaane Williams generated the most Twitter traffic and maintained the overall lead in followers.

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Who's trending in the New York City Council Speakers race