My interlocutor bochinchero made the case over dinner that Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t really have to worry about President Donald Trump working to oust him in 2018: “Trump is going to come after (Eric) Schneiderman.” The insightful bochinchero went through the litany of reasons that Trump hates New York’s attorney general, most notably the $25 million settlement Schneiderman extracted from the Trump University case. Coño, how did I miss this one?

B&B has talked to three Republican bochincheros who didn’t know of any serious talks of a GOP candidate for attorney general. However, one did say, “If it isn’t happening already, it should. I’m sure Cuomo would love it.” While the Italian restaurant was very nice, the bochinche not on the menu was delizioso. So, masticare che while we wait to see if Trump gets state GOP Chairman Ed Cox to find a candidate that can make Schneiderman lose sleep.

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