Nobody's ever accused Charles Barron of speaking like a cautious politician. The former New York City councilman-turned-assemblyman has represented Brooklyn in the halls of power for years. Barron joined the Slant podcast on Monday, where he talked about what he thinks of state Senate Democrats who have joined the Independent Democratic Conference.

“To do that, you’re extending the influence of the Republicans, of Donald Trump’s party. So don’t tell us that you’re doing this for your community. You’re doing it for a larger office, you’re doing it for a committee chair,” he said. “And you’re disrespecting a black woman, Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins. You’re disrespecting her. … Don’t disrespect her and let them leave her out of the negotiating process.”

Barron also talked about his his own lack of loyalty to the Democratic Party and his plan to fight back against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, while peeling back the curtain regarding the racial power dynamics at City Hall and the Capitol.

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