With so many open seats in the New York City Council, a constellation of Rising Stars will be coming out in City Hall this January. But not all of this next generation of the best and the brightest are elected-officials-to-be. As always, many of the most dynamic, innovative and passionate individuals who have devoted their young lives to politics and government are staffers, advocates, strategists, journalists and organizers. While the Big Apple is a magnet for so much of the world’s greatest talent, there are always those who shine even amid a galaxy of standouts. The following are 40 individuals under 40 who have already distinguished themselves in the eyes of their colleagues, and who are well on their way to amassing many more noteworthy accomplishments in the future. Meet City & State’s 2014 class of 40 Under 40 New York City Rising Stars.


Photographs are all selfies taken by the Rising Stars

Lynn Cole
George M. Fontas
Eunice Huang
Ivy Li
Timothy Plunkett
Brian Kaszuba
Edgar Santana
Michael Simas
Amy Spitalnick
Dixon Deutsch
Andrew Friedman
Brendan Griffith
Jennifer Fermino
Ben Max
Carlos Menchaca
Kamran Mumtaz
Pakhi Sengupta
Ritchie Torres
Kafui Kouakou
Stina Skewes-Cox
Tina Ward
Jaclyn Rothenberg
Christina Baal
John Fox
Nicole Gill
Sara C. Valenzuela
Mark Treyger
Megan Dougherty
Tweeps Phillips
Clemente Lisi
Sadye Campoamor
Charlotte Stone
Karen Imas
Victor Pichardo
Jesse Campoamor
Antonio Reynoso
Rose Christ
Joseph Coletti
Dani Lever
Terrance Stroud