For more than two decades Suri Kasirer has been one of the most influential lobbyists and consultants in New York City. This year she once again made City & State’s New York City Power 100 list. She spoke with City & State Editorial Director Michael Gareth Johnson about the success of her firm, its goals for 2016, the future of real estate in the city and her Syrian heritage.  

Kasirer Consulting currently represents several real estate companies and has helped many of the city’s top developers with key projects. In the video interview, she addressed the setback the sector faces with the expiration of the 421-a tax abatement.  

“With some of the changes that are happening in (Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability), the challenges of 421-a not being renewed, hopefully there will be some kind of deal at some point because that is really essential,” Kasirer said. “What we are excited about is that the real estate sector has been incredibly busy and incredibly vibrant. And we are so thrilled that we are a part of that.”

Kasirer pointed to the campaign to revitalize One Vanderbilt as a key achievement for the firm in recent years. For her, she said, the key to success is focusing on the present.

“Our team is really focused on 2016,” she said. “All the experience the team brings to the table is relevant, but it is about being nimble and having a strategy for today. Knowing the power players and influencers today. Figuring out how to build coalitions today.”