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Michel Faulkner tackles the comptroller race

By City & State |  

May 16, 2017 |  

(Jeff Coltin)

Former New York Jets defensive lineman Michel Faulkner is a pastor in Harlem, and when it comes to the New York City comptroller race, he's all fire and brimstone. The Republican candidate joined the Slant podcast on Tuesday, where he shared his thoughts on where Scott Stringer has stumbled as comptroller.

“His job is to be the city’s watchdog over our finances,” Faulkner said. “He has been watching, but he hasn’t been growling. He hasn’t been barking. He hasn’t been doing anything else that a watchdog is supposed to do.”

Faulkner also talked about why he left the mayor’s race, how he would save the New York City Housing Authority from its government “slumlord,” and how he would walk the walk in engaging with minority- and women-owned businesses that contract with the city.

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