City & State 10 Year Anniversary

If you take any 10-year period in the history of New York politics, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more compelling span of time than 2006 to 2016. There’s been corruption. Prostitution scandals. Social media blunders – and not just Anthony Weiner. The rise and fall and rise of Wall Street. More corruption. The election of the first African-American president. The first African-American governor of the state. Still more corruption. A coup! (Though that was more like a play for leadership that just created temporary headaches for all involved, but I digress.)

The amount of negative news has kept political reporters and tabloid headline writers busy. But in that time we have also seen strong leaders who have had a dramatic impact on New York City and New York state. We have seen the reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws, fights for more equitable funding of schools, changes to New York City zoning laws, the implementation of a state property tax cap, massive changes to health care, new stricter gun laws, and the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York and later across the country.

As a publication, City Hall, The Capitol, and City & State grew up during this roller coaster of events and changing shape of the state. The look of the publication and the approaches we take to reach our audience have evolved over the years, but the underlying goal has stayed the same. We strive to bring interesting and thoughtful information to our readers, knowing that they are not the average consumers of news but a class of people who have dedicated their lives to understanding and working in and around government.

This has been a unifying ideology for all of the editors of the publication, and one I am proud to continue and advance in my role as editorial director. I think you can see this ideology throughout the work we have done over the years, highlighted in this issue. You can also see it in the comments from our former employees, which we have included throughout the special issue.

From the entire City & State staff to all of our readers, thank you for your support over the last 10 years. We hope you enjoy this special issue.

– Michael Gareth Johnson, Editorial director

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