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For good or for bad, the gentrification that has spread through Brooklyn in the past decade has changed the borough more than any other part of New York City. As one lawmaker told us, “Brooklyn is the future, and the future is now.”

But what does the future look like for Brooklyn? From sleek streetcars to rezoning and affordable housing projects, the challenge will be to see if the borough can balance it’s distinctive character with robust economic growth.

This first stop in our third annual borough series envisions not just where the boroughs are going in the next few weeks or month, but years and decades from now.

Created by Chanelle Grannum, Michael Filippi, Guillaume Federighi, Alex Law, and Jeremy Unger

Brooklyn Articles

  • Brooklyn Trolley

    On the trail of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector

    By John Surico

    Ask any Brooklyn commuter about Queens, or vice versa, and they will likely lament the hardship of simply getting there. The G train, the only subway line that goes directly between Queens and Brooklyn, has been doomed to a pathetic public image it can’t seem to shed. The bus trips are long, the transfers arduous and the roundabout routes too far-flung to even consider for a night out.

  • Future of Brooklyn Housing

    East New York coalition pushes de Blasio to put promises in zoning text

    By Sarina Trangle

    Surrounded by supporters in Foley Square last month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated the passage of a potentially groundbreaking zoning change that requires larger residential projects to include affordable apartments, proclaiming the measure was strong enough to temper gentrification.

  • Olalekan Jeyifous's cover art for the Brooklyn edition of City & State Magazine

    Drawing the Future: A Q&A with Brooklyn artist Olalekan Jeyifous

    By Jeff Coltin

    Our cover’s creator, Olalekan Jeyifous (pronounced “oh-LAH-lake-ahn JAY-uhf-us,” but you can call him “Lake”), is a Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and designer. His signature intricate style has been shown at galleries as far away as Paris and Rotterdam and as close to home as MoMA. Jeyifous talked to City & State’s Jeff Coltin about the cover, Afrofuturism and finding inspiration in strip malls.

  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams

    Eric Adams: Data can help build a smarter Brooklyn

    By Eric L. Adams

    Before I was Brooklyn borough president, a state senator, or even a police officer, I was an aspiring techie. I studied computers as a college student in the early 1980s with the goal of one day becoming a programmer. Data has long been a fascination of mine, particularly its ability to quantify the complex world around us into comprehendible patterns that reveal solutions to everyday challenges

  • Family crossing the street in Brooklyn, NY

    Programs help liberate ‘chained’ Orthodox Jewish women

    By Jeff Stein from New York Nonprofit Media

    Last December, Mendel Epstein, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi in Brooklyn, was convicted of conspiring to kidnap and torture men who had refused to give their wives a Jewish divorce, known as a “get.” The case – which was investigated by the FBI and resulted in a 10-year prison sentence for Epstein – generated sensational tabloid and national media coverage.

  • Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

    Electeds share their visions for Brooklyn's future

    By City & State

    Leaving Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboudit! You'd be hard-pressed to find a group more committed to the future of the borough than its elected officials. So we reached out to all of them – members of Congress, state senators, Assembly members, and even the borough president – to ask for their visions for the future of Brooklyn. We got responses from 37 of them, representing all corners of the borough from Greenpoint to Coney Island, Bay Ridge to East New York.

  • Video interview with Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President, Carlo Scissura

    Shaping the future of Brooklyn with Chamber President Carlo Scissura

    By City & State

    City & State recently released the first installment of its 2016 Borough Series, with a print edition dedicated to exploring the future of Brooklyn. One person who knows the borough as well as anyone is Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Carlo Scissura, who sat down with City & State a few weeks ago to discuss some of the current projects that could shape the city’s direction.

  • School crossing in Bed-Stuy

    Opinion: Stop the school shell game in Bed-Stuy

    By Darlene Boston

    New Yorkers can usually figure out when someone’s not being up-front with us, whether it’s a guy on the corner selling a fake handbag or a politician who’s promising something he can’t deliver. It’s happening now in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where the city Department of Education is playing a shell game designed to trick parents into thinking we’re getting a new benefit for our community.

  • Title

    Opinion: Creating 'high-opportunity' communities in Brooklyn

    By Colvin Grannum

    In early February I wrote in New York Slant about how “change” is a recurring theme for those of us working in community development and housing. As a native of Bedford-Stuyvesant I have witnessed dramatic changes over the past 10 to 15 years that have forced many low- to moderate-income families, often African- and Caribbean-American, out of northern and central Brooklyn.