Barbara Bowen on CUNY Contracts

CUNY faculty have been working without a raise for the past six years. They have been without a contract for five years now. And this week the Professional Staff Congress, the union that represents faculty at CUNY, are stepping up their pressure on leadership by holding a rally outside the Manhattan apartment of Chancellor James Milliken on Thursday before the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting.  

PSC President Barbara Bowen sat down with City & State Executive Editor Michael Johnson to talk about the contract dispute and why she feels it is hurting the quality of the CUNY education. She also explained why the union is targeting Milliken and also putting pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to increase state funding for CUNY, a necessary step to securing raises for employees. 

The PSC rally is scheduled for 8 a.m. at 215 East 68th Street in Manhattan.